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6/12pcs 32.5inch Pure Carbon Arrow Archery Spine 340/400/500/600 Wood Grain ID 6.2mm 4\




Price: 36.10 - 36.10

6/12PCS 32.5 Inches Pure Carbon Arrows Spine 340 400 500 600 ID 6.2mm Archery Arrow Pure Carbon Arrow Shaft With Removable Tips Target Compound/Recurve Bow Shooting Hunting

Name: Wood grain pure carbon arrow (3 pieces of brown turkey feathers)
Material: 100% pure carbon
Spine: 340/400/500/600
Nock: White interpolated nock
Feathers: 3 pieces of brown turkey feathers (4 inches)
Arrows: 100 grain threaded arrows
Arrow overall length: 32.5″(83cm)
Arrow shaft: 31″
Straightness: +_0.006
Weight:  24.2g (340 spine)
21.7g (400 spine)
21.6g (500 spine)
18.9g (600 spine)
ID: 6.2mm
OD: 7.45mm(340 spine)
7.2mm(400 spine)
7.1mm(500 spine)
7.0mm(600 spine)

1. Made of 100% pure carbon. High strength, perfect for hunting
2. 340/400/500/600 Spine, a variety of options
3. 4 inch turkey feather.Efficient in high winds and unstable conditions.Perfect for target shooting, outdoor hunting.
4. Suitable for all kinds of recurve compound bows and traditional bows
Note: Due to shooting angle and light. There will be errors in color.
The above parameters are all measured manually, there will be errors. The actual item shall prevail.