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BT-5800S 3 in 1 Air Quality Monitor, Formaldehyde Detector to Test PM2.5, PM10, HCHO, TVOC, USB Rechargeable for Indoor, Outdoor



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BT-5800S 3 in 1 Air Quality Monitor, TVOC, HCHO Monitor Formaldehyde Detector to Test PM2.5, PM10, HCHO, TVOC, USB Rechargeable for Indoor, Outdoor,Bedroom

🧰 3 in 1 Multifunctional Air Quality Monitor: BT-5800S can be applied to measure PM2.5/ PM10/ inhalable particles, HCHO, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds.It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, fast measurement speed, and various measurement types.

🧰 PM2.5/PM10 Monitor & Formaldehyde & TVOC Tester: PM.2.5 range: 0 ~ 999.9μg/m3, PM2.5 resolution : 0.1μg / m3, Formaldehyde range:0-1.00mg/m3 ;Resolution of formaldehyde: 0.01mg/m3;TVOC range: 0-10mg / m3;TVOC resolution: 0.05mg/m3. Accurately measure the concentration of harmful objects in the air, keeping you away from air pollution.

🧰 Wide Application:USB rechargeable air quality come with auto power/off to save your battery. And can be charged via a power bank or computer USB.LCD back-light ensure you read number clear even in dark environment. BT-5800S can be used indoor/ outdoor/bedroom/pet house/farm and so on. Specially for pregnant women, babies, the elderly, etc., it has a significant effect.

🧰 Tripod Hole for Mounting: A tripod mounting hole is carried on the back, which can fix the instrument and continuously measure the air quality. Back support can free your hands, no need to hold the instrument all the time.

🧰 What You Will Get: 1* BT-5800S Air Quality Monitor, 1* USB Cable, 1* Storage Bag, 1* Manual. If you have any problem of this product,please feel free to contact us.

Product Features:

PM2.5 PM10 measurement principle: laser scattering
PM2.5 detection range: 0 ~ 999.9μg/m3
PM2.5 resolution : 0.1μg / m3
PM10 detection range: 0 ~ 999.9μg / m3
PM10 resolution: 0.1μg / m3
Minimum particle size: 0.3μm
Relative accuracy:±20%and±15% μg/m3 Maximum value
Formaldehyde detection principle: electrochemical sensor
Effective range of formaldehyde detection: 0-1.00mg/m3
Maximum range of formaldehyde detection: 0-2.50 mg / m3
Resolution of formaldehyde: 0.01mg/m3
Response time (T90): < 30s
Accuracy: < 5% fs
TVOC detection principle: thick film semiconductor gas sensor
TVOC Detection effective range: 0-10mg / m3
TVOC resolution: 0.05mg/m3
Automatic shutdown:It can be set for 5 ~ 30 minutes or cancel automatic shutdown
Power Supply:3.7V 18650lithium battery
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Dedicated charging line:USB data cable to DC cable
Working time:about 15 hours
Operating temperature:5~45℃
Storage temperature:-20~70℃
Product size:196 * 95 * 46mm

Easy to Use

📌 Color LCD Display

📌 USB Rechargeable

📌 Auto/Manual Power Off

Package List:

1* BT–5800S Air Quality Monitor

1* USB Cable

1* Storage Bag

1* Manual