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Powerful Neodymium Magnet Hook Salvage Magnet Strong Deep Sea Search Fishing Magnets Pulling Mounting Pot with Eyebolt




Price: 7.06 - 7.06


[Super Strong]- There are 8 different sizes and sizes. The diameter of this fishing magnet is 16/20/25/32/36/42/48/60mm, and the base uses a powerful neodymium magnet. Under ideal conditions, it can provide a pulling force of 5 /9 /12 /16 /25 /32 /68 /110 kg.

[High Quality]- The strong magnetic force is only concentrated on the bottom, and the other three sides are protected by steel cups with almost no magnetic force. The magnetic force is equivalent to 10 times the volume of the same magnet. Constant force and long service life. Manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality system.

[The Best Coating]- Ni+Cu+Ni three-layer coating. The best coating available, providing shiny and rust-resistant coating The steel cup provides protection for the magnet and helps prevent chipping or cracking.

Multi-Purpose-Unique Design with countersunk holes and eye bolts is very suitable for fishing all kinds of iron-nickel materials underwater. It is a good idea for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging, and recycling applications. Search for eye bolts, screws, hooks, fasteners and other items in your warehouse garage or yard and have fun.

[Permanent Strength]- Neodymium is a rare earth metal, suitable for making permanent strong magnets. This fishing magnet has permanent magnetism, and it will be as powerful even decades later.


1. Shape: round

2. Material: NdFeB magnet + A3 steel + 304 stainless steel

3. Color: silver

4. Maximum vertical tension
D16mm: 5KG/11LBS
D20mm: 9KG/20LBS
D25mm: 12KG/26LBS
D32mm: 16KG/35LBS
D36mm: 25KG/55LBS
D42mm: 32KG/71LBS
D48mm: 68KG/150LBS
D60mm: 110KG/243LBS

How to use magnets correctly

About how to use magnets correctly
The maximum pull-out force of the fishing magnet described by us needs to be used on a flat and thick iron plate. When the magnet is fully absorbed on the iron plate, it will be difficult for you to directly and vertically disengage it. At this point, you need to move the magnet to the edge of the iron plate to make it separate.
Refuse to use magnets on irregular, curved, too small and too thin, non-ferrous metals, etc. in this way, you will feel that magnets are an ornament!

Magnetic testing is carried out under ideal conditions with professional equipment in the factory workshop. Therefore, the tension values in the table are for reference only. In the process of actual use, the ideal tension can not be reached. Please choose and buy according to your actual situation!!!


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